Electric Treasures

17 de mayo-9 de septiembre

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17 de mayo-9 de septiembre

Organised by:Salto de línea Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y DeporteSalto de línea Museo Nacional de EsculturaSalto de línea Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Opening hours:Salto de línea Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30 – 20:00Salto de línea Sundays and public holidays: 9:30 – 15:00

Free admissionSalto de línea

Crátera de Hildesheim Pulse para ampliar <p><strong>Cr&aacute;tera de Hildesheim</strong>, Christofle y c&iacute;a, 1881 (Museo Nacional de Escultura). Detalle</p>

The show presents a series of magnificent facsimiles of metal grave goods from the Roman era—the treasures of Bernay and Hildesheim and a select group of pieces from Pompeii and Herculaneum—made by electrotyping, a system for forming exact replicas of original models discovered thanks to the surprising breakthroughs made in the field of electricity in the 19th century.

In this way, the exhibition merges the world of classical antiquity with the ultra-modern inventions of the Industrial Revolution, juxtaposing the ornate craftsmanship of skilled Roman gold and silversmiths with the prodigious applications of electrochemistry in modern industrial manufacturing.

Consisting of a total of 85 exhibits, 63 of which are facsimiles, the show is divided into five sections. After the first section explains the process and origins of electrotyping, visitors are shown the selected archaeological groups alongside various other works—paintings, prints, books, etc.—that illustrate the context in which they were originally produced, as well as the discovery of the phenomenon of galvanism and the electrotyping method, one of the most ingenious applications of electricity.

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