Taller de restauración

The Conservation Department is responsible for preserving and restoring the cultural assets held at the museum.

Protecting cultural assets comprises three basic lines of action:

  • Preventive conservation, aimed at avoiding or minimising the deterioration or loss of items in the collection. This risk is prevented by taking the appropriate indirect measures in galleries, storerooms and temporary exhibitions.
  • Remedial conservation, which consists in carrying out direct action on a cultural asset with a view to halting its deterioration or reinforcing its structure.
  • Restoration, which is only carried out when an asset has lost part of its meaning or function or when its integrity is compromised. The treatment applied must aim to facilitate its appreciation, understanding and use, based on respect for the material and the original piece.

Internal programs

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Taller de restauración

Teresa Gómez Espinosa
Chief curator

Bárbara Culubret Worms
Museum technician

Margarita Arroyo Macarro

Durgha Orozco Delgado

Silvia Montero Redondo

Raquel Acaz Mendive
Conservadora-Restauradora de Bienes Culturales

Milagros Pérez García
Administrative assistant