Zonas comunes

Management is responsible for procuring the human and material resources required by the rest of the museum structure.

It oversees financial and administrative affairs, the internal regime and day-to-day operation of general museum services, supplies, and personnel administration.

It also coordinates the technical maintenance, IT, surveillance and security services.


Venue hire


Francisco Narváez Vila
General manager

Alfonso Jesús Córdoba Saelices

Paloma García Melchor

José Ramón Márquez González de Rueda
Maintenance and Installations Service 


Sala de máquinas

Blanca Samaniego Bordiú
IT Service

Jose García Llanos

Ángeles García Gómez
Administrative assistant

Francisco Fernández Ávila
Audiovisual media

Sofía Jiménez Benito
Group reservations

Raquel González Bazuelo
Group reservations