Greek and Roman Antiquities


Mosaico y retrato romano

The Greek and Roman Antiquities Department carries out internal study and research programmes related to the collections from Greece, Etruria, Cyprus and Roman Hispania, which range from the 16th century BC to the fifth century AD, and interprets them in their historical context. These collections are particularly important for studying and learning about the cultures that developed in the eastern and central Mediterranean in the first millennium BC and in the Iberian Peninsula under Roman rule.

Open to collaboration with other institutions dedicated to the study of the Greek and Hispano-Roman cultures, the department carries out its own research projects and disseminates the results in publications aimed at the scientific community.

Salas de Grecia

It has also created the scientific discourse for the exhibition in the Greece and Roman Hispania area.

Paloma Cabrera Bonet
Chief curator

Ángeles Castellano Hernández

Margarita Moreno Conde