Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities

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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Department carries out internal study and research programmes related to the collections from Egypt, Nubia, Mesopotamia and Persia, which range from the fifth millennium BC to the 10th century AD.

These collections are unique among the holdings of Spanish museums, providing an unrivalled opportunity to study and learn about the cultures that developed along the River Nile and in the ancient Near East. The history of these civilisations, which has had one of the most powerful impacts of all time, unfolded in vast and diverse geographical regions, stretching from the heart of Africa to the core of the Asian continent.

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The department has close ties with the ICOM, through the International Committee for Egyptology (CIPEG), and carries out research projects whose results are disseminated in publications aimed at the scientific community. It has also created the scientific discourse for the exhibition in the area entitled The Nile: Egypt and Nubia and the Ancient Near East.

Dr. M. Carmen Pérez Die
Chief curator

Dr. Esther Pons Mellado