Numismatics and Medals

departamento de numismática

The Department of Numismatics and Medals carries out internal study and research programmes related to the numismatics collections, ranging from the sixth century BC to the present day, and interprets them in their historical context. These collections are particularly important for understanding coins and money and for studying the economy, society, politics and art of different cultures and periods. Although the history of coins is the primary field of study, the collections also include other disciplines of a similar concept and format, such as medals, seals and glyptics.

Open to collaboration with other institutions dedicated to these historical studies, the department carries out its own research projects and disseminates the results in publications aimed at the scientific community.

Departamento de Numismática

It has also created the scientific discourse for the exhibition in the Numismatics area and in the display cases that have been incorporated into the timelines of other galleries.

Paloma Otero Morán
Chief curator

Paula Grañeda Miñón
Museum technician

Montserrat Cruz Mateos
Museum technician