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The New Museum

Between 2008 and 2013 the 19th-century building housing the National Archaeological Museum has been remodelled and the permanent exhibition redesigned.

In the refurbished building, the spaces are distributed more rationally and are more accessible, have the appropriate technological equipment and meet stringent comfort and security criteria to provide a satisfying, pleasurable experience.

Thanks to the enlarged public areas, the museum can now offer visitors a proper welcome area, exhibit new collections, conduct a wide range of activities simultaneously, and deliver new services.

The new installations in the galleries incorporate a comprehensive array of technical and communication solutions designed to enhance public appreciation of the collections and encourage a greater understanding of the museum’s exhibition discourse, now updated and reinterpreted in the light of new scientific discoveries.

Credits and Acknowledgements

We are grateful for the invaluable cooperation of all the institutions, companies and individuals who participated in this protracted and challenging renovation process.




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