Multimedia Guides

A multimedia guide is a device that enhances the features of traditional audio guides by supplying information about the exhibition in several different formats: text, image, video and audio.


Multimedia Guide Rental

The MAN multimedia guide offers a general tour of the museum with information in Spanish, English, French and Spanish Sign Language, as well as a special itinerary for people with visual impairments. The guide includes subtitled audio, images and videos.
The rental fee of €2 must be paid at the ticket office near the entrance.
The guides are free for people with visual or hearing disability.

The devices themselves are picked up and returned at the shop.


“MAN Museo Arqueológico Nacional ” App

As an alternative to renting the multimedia guide, the museum offers a free app for mobile phones and tablets with IOS and ANDROID operating systems that features similar contents.
The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The specific contents of the halls are downloaded with own connection of your SMARTPHONE or from the network Wifi (MANGuias) inside the Museum.


APP "MAN estaciones tactiles"

This is a version of the application for blind people. Download from App Store o Google Play.


Headphones are required to use the app.


Both mobile guides have been developed by GVAM with the support of Fundación Orange and the Protectors and the Friends of the National Archaeological Museum Association (ACPAMAN), and the collaboration of Fundación CNSE and Fundación ONCE.