Museum Day and Night

Sábado 17 y Domingo 18 de mayo


International Museum Day and Night

17 and 18 May

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Saturday, 17 MaySalto de línea Free open house evening, 8 pm to midnight.

Sunday, 18 MaySalto de línea Areva, a Woman of NumantiaSalto de línea 1 pm. Events hall. (The events hall will open to the public at 12.40 pm. Capacity for 181 people + 4 wheelchairs, induction loops available).

This year the MAN will celebrate International Museum Day and Night under the theme of The Bonds Created by Museum Collections.

On Saturday, 17 May, the museum will extend its opening hours, offering people a chance to roam the building until midnight. Under brand-new lighting, visitors will be able to enjoy the recently reopened galleries of the permanent exhibition and several areas that will be revealed to the public for the first time on this night: the monumental main staircase and the great halls with their splendid tapestries, positive organ and Baroque coffered ceiling, all recently restored and carefully prepared for this grand occasion, will reveal their stunning new appearance.

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A stroll through the pleasant grounds might be the perfect way to end the evening.

On Sunday, May 18, International Museum Day, we will resume Drama at the Museum with the moving tale of Areva, a woman from Numantia.

The monologue will be the very first event to be held in the new events hall. In this special setting and with a brand-new set design, the company Galápagos, Teatro Cálido will take us back to one of the most stirring episodes in our history: the destruction of Numantia.

“They were so perplexed by our resistance that they even spoke of us as lawless, uncivilised savages, that we lived as wandering nomads and devoured our own children. My Roman master’s children fear me. They come whispering, trying not to