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Subh, la sayyida del califa

Domingos, 19 de mayo, 2 de junio y 16 de junio. Salón de actos, 13:00. Previa recogida de entrada gratuita en taquilla desde una hora antes de la actividad

Drama at the Museum

Subh, the Caliph’s sayyida

In the rooms of the Alcazar of Córdoba, Subh, the queen mother, brings together her scribes and viziers to deal with the official correspondence of the Caliphate of al-Andalus, the richest country in the Western world, while suspecting Almanzor is betraying her. A Basque of Christian origin, this extraordinary woman governed the most powerful kingdom of the time for a long period at the end of the 10th century.

Sunday: 13 NovemberSalto de línea Events hall (Basement). Capacity 180, 4 places for people in wheelchairs Salto de línea Start time, 13:00. Duration: 30 minutes. Recommended age: +10

Activity free until an capacity is reached. Get your ticket at the TICKETS counter on the day of the activity.

The events hall opens its doors at 12:45