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Forjar y destruir memorias a través de la promoción artística a finales de la Edad Media

Jueves, 4 de abril. Sala de conferencias, 18:00. Asistencia libre y gratuita hasta completar aforo

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Forging and Destroying Memories through Artistic Promotion in the Late Middle Ages

The aim of round-table is to discuss the use of artistic promotion in the mechanisms of construction and destruction of the public image of certain individuals in the late Middle Ages. This debate will be based on the publication of the book "Art Patronage and Conflicting Memories in Early Modern Iberia" and aims to bring together specialists from different institutions whose common theme is the study of the Middle Ages through cultural artefacts and their memorial value. Figures such as the Catholic Monarchs, Henry IV or the powerful Castilian nobility will thus be seen through a new prism. It will reveal that the military and dynastic conflicts of the period were also settled on what we could define as a cultural and artistic battlefield.


  • César Olivera Serrano - CSIC, Instituto de Historia
  • Elena Paulino Montero - UNED, Departamento de Historia del Arte
  • Helena Lahoz Kopiske - MAN, Departamento de Antigüedades Medievales
  • María Teresa Chicote Pompanin - UCM, Departamento de Historia del Arte