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La huella del pueblo judío en la Edad Media hispánica

Miércoles, 2 de marzo. Salón de actos,10:30 a 20:00

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The significance of the Jewish people in the Hispanic Middle Ages

Wednesday, 2 MarchSalto de línea Events Hall,10:30-20:00Salto de línea Free admission

Organised by: Departamento de Antigüedades Medievales del MAN, Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la UNED y Departamento de Historia del Arte de la UNED


  • Dr. Andrés Carretero Pérez, Director Museo Arqueológico Nacional
  • Dra. María Peréx Agorreta, Decana Facultad Geografía e Historia UNED
  • Dr. Antonio Urquízar Herrera, Director Departamento de Historia del Arte UNED
  • Dr. Sergio Vidal Álvarez, Jefe Departamento de Antigüedades Medievales Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Profesor Asociado Departamento Historia del Arte UNED
  • Dr.Sergio Vidal Álvarez (Museo Arqueológico Nacional,UNED)
  • Dr.Raúl González Salinero (UNED)
  • Dr.Jorge A. Eiroa Rodríguez (Universidad de Murcia)
  • Dr.Santiago Palomero Plaza (Museo Sefardí, Toledo)
  • Dr.Antonio Ruiz-Taboada (Arqueólogo)
  • Dr.Enrique Cantera Montenegro (UNED)


This Seminar continues the cycle started last year 2015, aiming to present new researches in the field of Archeology, Art History and the History of the Hispanic Middle Ages.

It is intended as a forum for scientific debate, but also as a meeting place for researchers and university students, the latter being public it is primarily directed.

In this second edition, there will be a multidisciplinary reflection on the importance of the presence of the Jewish people in the Iberian Peninsula between the fourth and fifteenth centuries. Since the communities attested in Late Antiquity, to its pivotal role in the Spanish Late Medieval society, also giving a special relevance to recent results provided by archaeological researches.

Capitel bilingüe, siglos XIII-XIV (Toledo),MAN Pulse para ampliar