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Colecciones museísticas en línea. La numismática como ejemplo

Viernes, 15 de abril. Sala de conferencias, 09:30 a 19:00

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Friday, 15 AprilSalto de línea Lecture Hall, 09:00 -19:00Salto de línea Free admission

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Organiza: École des hautes études hispaniques et ibériques (Casa de Velázquez, Madrid), Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Universitat de València (Facultad de Geografía e Historia), Museu de Prehistòria de València

Colabora: Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Over the last few years significant advances have been made towards the digitalization and publication on-line of collections held by museums, as an aspect of their institutional duty to provide public access to the cultural heritage. The examples of Spanish and French museums discussed in this meeting will serve as samples of the realities that this task faces, and of the efforts needed to achieve compatibility between different record systems and national and international networks.The numismatic field has been particularly succesful in this respect, since it has generated exemplary models of cooperation and of adaptability using the principles of Linked Data.

The meeting will consider the theoretical and practical aspects underlying different national and international projects, and the experience gained will be used to identify the criteria required, the difficulties faced and the resources needed to ensure that collections are digitised and made availalable on-line in an effective manner.