15 Years of Pastwomen: Othe gazes at the past

16 june. Events Hall, 18:00. Free admission

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15 años de Pastwomen. Otras miradas al pasado Pulse para ampliar
15 años de Pastwomen. Otras miradas al pasado Pulse para ampliar

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Organizan: Red Pastwomen. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad de Granada, Universidad de Jaén, Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Universidad de Valencia, Universidad de Oviedo, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Museu de Prehistòria de València. Colabora: Museo Arqueológico Nacional

The Pastwomen group, currently made up of more than 30 university researchers, educators, museologists and professionals, is a collaborative network with the aim of promoting feminist perspectives, both in the study of prehistoric and ancient Mediterranean societies, and in their public communication. Since 2007, Pastwomen has been characterized by the creation of freely accessible repertoires of images, which, based on scientific rigor, propose an inclusive approach to the visual interpretation of the past.

This event will discuss the genesis, development and impact of Pastwomen and, in general, of feminism in the research, dissemination and professional practice of archaeology. Likewise, the virtual exhibition “Other gazes at the past” will be presented, prepared within the framework of the Thematic Network of the Ministry of Science and Innovation “PASTWOMEN. Women and gender in prehistoric and ancient societies: from research to education. 2020-2021” (RED2018-102526-T).


  • Carla Rubiera Cancelas. Universidad de Oviedo
  • Paloma González Marcén. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
  • Lourdes Prados Torreira. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Beatriz Sánchez Justicia. Universidad de Granada
  • Begoña Soler Mayor. Museu de Prehistòria de València

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