Memoria visual y (re)construcción de identidades. Retrato y representación en los albores de la Edad Moderna (1350-1650)

Jueves, 15 de diciembre (Sede: UNED. Salón de Actos de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales) y Viernes, 16 de diciembre (Sede: MAN. Salón de actos). Entrada libre hasta completar aforo. Certificados de asistencia previa inscripción

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Organiza: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia-UNED en colaboración con el Museo Arqueológico Nacional

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Among the activities the research group "Art and Thought" (UNED) sponsors to increase its research span and international reach, we are organising an international congress entitled “Visual memory and (re)construction of identities. Portraits and representations at the eve of the Early Modern Period (1350-1650)”. This event’s aim is to foster the links between the research carried out, on the one hand, by Spanish universities and museums, and on in the other by the international academic community. Its main objective is to create bonds that might derive in future networks of international collaboration.Salto de línea From a scientific point of view, this congress will focus on two concepts frequently mentioned in recent scholarship devoted to the History of Art and Material Culture: visual memory and construction of identities. On this occasion, we want to reflect on these concepts in order to identify the similarities but also the differences in the use of those mechanisms that created identities through works of art in the period that goes from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period.Salto de línea For this congress, we will invite a series of specialists that come from international institutions, Spanish universities, the UNED and renowned museums. The congress will last two days: the first at the UNED and the second at the MAN.