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Una vivienda de hace 16 800 años: La cabaña magdaleniense de La Garma (Cantabria)

Jueves, 15 de febrero. Salón de actos, 18:00. Asistencia libre y gratuita hasta completar aforo.


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Conferencia de Pablo Arias Cabal Catedrático de Prehistoria. Universidad de Cantabria

A dwelling 16 800 years old: The Magdalenian hut of La Garma (Cantabria, Spain)

La Garma is an exceptional archaeological assemblage, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It treasures first-rate Palaeolithic art and one of the longest stratigraphic sequences in Europe, representing the last 400 000 years of History. However, the most outstanding feature of this site is the existence of a large surface of Magdalenian floors, where, together with tens of thousands of Palaeolithic items, remains of stone buildings have been preserved. In this lecture we will present the preliminary results of the non-invasive research that has been developed in the last two years in one of those structures. The work has been backed by the PALARQ Foundation, which in 2021 awarded the project of La Garma its National Prize for Archaeology and Paleontology.