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Arte románico y Camino de Santiago en Navarra: de Roncesvalles a Torres del Río

Jueves, 18 de abril. Salón de actos, 18:00. Asistencia libre y gratuita hasta completar aforo


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Conferencia de Javier Martínez de Aguirre Aldaz. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Presentación a cargo de: Rocío Martín Bonet (Caminos del Románico) y Helena Lahoz Kopiske (Museo Arqueológico Nacional)

Romanesque art and the Pilgrimage roads in Navarre: from Roncesvalles to Torres del Río

One of the most established topics in relation to the Romanesque art in the Iberian Peninsula focuses on the apparently inseparable relationship between artistic creations and the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago, a relationship that would be accentuated in territories such as the kingdom of Navarre. Although the issue has been debated in academic circles for decades, the discussion has not sufficiently transcended the general public. The reality is complex: on the one hand, it is necessary to differentiate both historical phenomena, since today we know that the introduction and dissemination of Romanesque art in Navarre had little to do with the fact of the pilgrimage; on the other hand, there is no doubt that certain works of considerable interest, such as the Roncesvalles hospital and the Holy Sepulcher of Torres del Río, were conceived with the Jacobean pilgrims in mind, although not only them.