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Museum Video Games Workshop

Organised by: Gammera Nest and the National Archaeological Museum Salto de línea With the support of: MAN Prehistory Department and Outreach DepartmentSalto de línea

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MAN activities roomSalto de línea 7 July to 19 September (96 hours)Salto de línea Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9.30 am to 1.30 pmSalto de línea (Holiday break 1-15 August)Salto de línea 20 places availableSalto de línea Free registration

To be considered in the selection process, candidates must send a CV and samples of their work to info@gammeranest.comSalto de línea Further information at

The aim of this summer workshop about designing and developing video games for museums is to help students acquire the skills needed to create a video game. Their particular project will be a game set in prehistory, specifically the Palaeolithic, the longest and perhaps most difficult period in the history of human survival.

The workshop will have two phases. The first phase, in the month of July, will be dedicated to developing a "design document", essentially a manual that explains the concept and educational value of the video game, describes the script and its narrative, and introduces students to the technical architecture of game mechanics and the graphic universe by having them design characters and settings. During the second phase, which will begin in August, all this material will be used to create a video game to be used as an educational resource in the museum and/or distributed via the usual channels for such products.

The workshop is aimed at university students and graduates of Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Audiovisual Communications, Animation and Programming, as well as History, Art History and Archaeology, who have a basic knowledge of and interest in new technology or want to explore the new job markets opening up today around the world.