From the real to the imaginary. A flora and fauna database of iron age

Jueves, 1 de octubre. Sala de conferencias, 19:00


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Thursday 1 October 19:00Salto de línea Lectures HallSalto de línea Free admission

Organised by: Departamento de Prehistòria i Arqueologia de la Universitat de València, Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia y Museo Arqueológico Nacional


  • Consuelo Mata Parreño (Directora del Proyecto y prof. de la Universitat de València)
  • Helena Bonet Rosado (Directora del Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia)
  • Teresa Chapa Brunet (Catedrática Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • Luis Gil (Catedrático de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y Miembro de la Real Academia de las Ciencias)Salto de línea
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From the real to the imaginary Project studies flora and fauna in order to understand the use (the real) and symbolism (the imaginary) of plants and animals within Iberian Iron Age societies. The methodology combines a paleobiological approach with an iconographic approach. We record all the representations of plants and animals that appear on different Iron Age media. All these data are catalogued taking into account the context and chronology of the archaeological remains for each entry. This information is now available in an open access database and in two books edited by the Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia.Salto de línea

The study of organic plant and animal remains allows the reconstruction of the biotic landscape, and identifies the available food resources.The list of plants and animals identified in iconography is short than the organic remains. Occasionally, the plants accompany animals or humans, and their presence suggests the natural frame where the action takes place. The most common and emblematic animal among Iberians is the horse, which is associated mostly with men. Indeed, women rarely are active in animals scenes. Finally, we have included a group of fantastic beings, which complement the collection of imaginary animals.