El origen de una arquitectura singular: un posible modelo para los cimborrios del Duero

Jueves, 4 de mayo. Salón de actos, 18:00. Asistencia libre y gratuita hasta completar aforo.


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Conferencia de Miguel Sobrino González, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Presentación a cargo de:Rocío Martín Bonet (Caminos del Románico) y Beatríz Campdera Gutiérrez (Museo Arqueológico Nacional)

The so-called "Duero cimborrios", existing in the cathedrals of Zamora, Salamanca and Plasencia and in the collegiate church of Toro (and whose echoes reach the cathedrals of Ciudad Rodrigo and Ávila) make up one of the most outstanding ensembles of medieval architecture.

Among the numerous studies that have been dedicated to these constructions, the attempt to discover their stylistic and formal origins predominates, for which very different affiliations have been sought, resorting to supposed Roman, French, Byzantine and Islamic models.

In the talk, a new theory will be proposed, which addresses for the first time key issues, such as belonging to a certain ecclesiastical territory. In this way, the possibility that the “domes of the Duero” do not actually start from the Zamoran specimen, but from another dome that, due to its early disappearance, had gone unnoticed until now, can be pointed out.

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