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Crosier of Pope Benedict XIII

Báculo de Benedicto XIII Pulse para ampliar

Gilded silver and translucent multi-coloured enamelSalto de línea Avignon, circa 1342-1352 (remodelled circa 1392 for Pope Benedict XIII)

The crosier has a polygonal shaft with a small pediment halfway up and a crook terminating in a base on which the Annunciation group stands. Both the obverse and reverse surfaces are decorated with an enamelled border depicting Aaron’s budding rod. Although it bears the pope’s emblem, it was made during the papacy of Clement VI (Pierre Roger, 1342-1352). It bears a certain resemblance to the crosier of Saint Galgano at the Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, made by Siena goldsmiths circa 1320-1330Salto de línea


Here you will find objects related to three different cultural contexts: the Visigothic kingdom of Toledo (5th-8th century); the Hispano-Islamic world (8th-15th century), comprising the Caliphate, Taifa and Nasrid periods; and the Christian kingdoms (8th-15th century), characterised by the development of the Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic styles in the cities and monasteries and along the Way of Saint James. Meanwhile, a series of Mudejar objects illustrate the Muslim presence in Christian Spain.

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