The Guarrazar Hoard

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Gold, precious stones, pearls, mother-of-pearl, artificial glass and rock crystal Salto de línea Guarrazar (Guadamur, Toledo)Salto de línea 7th century (621-672)

A group of votive crowns and other precious objects found in the late 19th century on the outskirts of the town of Guadamur in Toledo province. They are believed to have been offerings by kings and high-ranking figures to some of the basilicas in the kingdom of Toledo and bear witness to the influence of Byzantine customs in the Visigothic court.

Of particular note are the arms of a gold, gem-studded processional cross and the votive crown of King Reccesvinth (649-672), from which hang the letters of his name as the offerer.

Nowadays the hoard is divided between three venues: the National Archaeological Museum, the Royal Palace in Madrid and the National Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris.Salto de línea

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Here you will find objects related to three different cultural contexts: the Visigothic kingdom of Toledo (5th-8th century); the Hispano-Islamic world (8th-15th century), comprising the Caliphate, Taifa and Nasrid periods; and the Christian kingdoms (8th-15th century), characterised by the development of the Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic styles in the cities and monasteries and along the Way of Saint James. Meanwhile, a series of Mudejar objects illustrate the Muslim presence in Christian Spain.

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