Dome of Torrijos

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Wood and plasterSalto de línea Oropesa Castle (Toledo)Salto de línea 15th centurySalto de línea

Octagonal dome with lacework decoration resting on pendentives with muqarnas and two superimposed bands. These are decorated with a checkerboard pattern, “pilgrim” scallop shells and the noble “double S” of Gutierre de Cárdenas, the knight of Santiago who played such a vital role in orchestrating the marriage of the Catholic monarchs. Above the top band is a circular drum from which springs the great dome covered with arabesque tracery, gilded and painted blue and red to great decorative effect.

This was one of four similar domes that crowned the corner halls of the palace of the dukes of Maqueda, no longer extant, in Torrijos (Toledo).Salto de línea The lower section continues with a plasterwork panel, decorated with human and fantastic figures, inscription in Gothic majuscule: “FERDINANDUS / ISABEL” in reference to the Catholic Monarchs. Salto de línea


Here you will find objects related to three different cultural contexts: the Visigothic kingdom of Toledo (5th-8th century); the Hispano-Islamic world (8th-15th century), comprising the Caliphate, Taifa and Nasrid periods; and the Christian kingdoms (8th-15th century), characterised by the development of the Pre-Romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic styles in the cities and monasteries and along the Way of Saint James. Meanwhile, a series of Mudejar objects illustrate the Muslim presence in Christian Spain.