Equestrian figure of Hector

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BronzeSalto de línea Italy Salto de línea Antonio Averlino, “Il Filarete” (1400?-1469)Salto de línea 1456Salto de línea

The Trojan prince, hero of the Iliad and defeater of Hercules in a jousting match, as indicated in the inscription on the plinth, bears the emblems of Francesco Sforza, patron of Antonio Averlino, “Il Filarete”. In the Renaissance period this sculptor introduced the genre of small bronzes that became so popular with the social elite in the Early Modern Era.


Here you can find information about objects related to the two ruling dynasties of this period, the Habsburgs and the Bourbons. The items on display reflect political and social transformations, technical and scientific advances, and the creation of new political spaces and trading arenas in Europe and America. All of these changes occurred between the 16th and 19th centuries, during the Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment and the early days of liberalism.

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