Coffin of Taremetchenbastet

Ataúd de Taremetchenbastet Pulse para ampliar

Polychrome woodSalto de línea Necropolis of Saqqara (Egypt)Salto de línea 26th Dynasty (664-525 BC)Salto de línea

This male anthropomorphic coffin was last used by a woman, Taremetchenbastet. An inscription under the usekh collar relates chapter 172 of the Book of the Dead, while chapters 640-643 of the Pyramid Texts were copied onto the back pillar. Both texts make reference to the Egyptian funerary world and the resurrection of the deceased.


The Fertile Crescent, which includes Egypt and the Near East, witnessed the emergence of the first urban civilisations, the first centralised political structure and the first monumental architecture. The objects in this section shed light on the vast contributions to civilisation made by Mesopotamian cultures. They also offer an insight into the unique natural environment in which the ancient Egyptians and Nubians lived, as well as their daily life, religious beliefs and funeral customs.