Kylix by Aison

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Fired and painted claySalto de línea Red-figure techniqueSalto de línea Attica (Greece)Salto de línea Painter: AisonSalto de línea 420 BCSalto de línea

The exploits of Theseus, taking on his opponents one by one, are the general theme of this kylix. On the medallion, he drags the Minotaur out of the labyrinth after slaying the creature in the presence of the goddess Athena. This image and myth exalt the hero of Athens, trained in the palaestra and in the virtues of democracy, and the model Athenian youth of the Classical period.


The scenes painted on Greek pottery tell us much about daily life in the Greek polis: its social structure, the status of men and women and the activities they performed, and the world of their gods and heroes. The different scenes also bear witness to the importance of Greek trade in the Mediterranean, from the eighth to the fourth century BC, and to the legacy of that ancient culture which still lives on today.