Cypriot head

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SandstoneSalto de línea CyprusSalto de línea 500-450 BCSalto de línea

Cyprus has always been a crossroads. Its privileged geographical location and abundance of minerals propitiated contact with other cultures, and this interaction translated into artistic expressions such as sculpture. The head shown here belonged to the standing statue of an important figure and combines Graeco-Ionian stylistic features with ancient Mesopotamian and Syrian elements, such as the combed curly beard. It dates from the fifth century BC, when Persia ruled the island.


The scenes painted on Greek pottery tell us much about daily life in the Greek polis: its social structure, the status of men and women and the activities they performed, and the world of their gods and heroes. The different scenes also bear witness to the importance of Greek trade in the Mediterranean, from the eighth to the fourth century BC, and to the legacy of that ancient culture which still lives on today.