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MarbleSalto de línea Baena, CórdobaSalto de línea 15-20 ADSalto de línea

The empress is depicted as the goddess Fortuna or Bounty, symbolised by the cornucopia, or horn of plenty. A cloak covers Livia’s head, indicating that she had already added Julia Augusta to her name as the wife and then widow of Emperor Augustus. She was deified by her nephew Claudius in the year 41 AD.


This section contains objects associated with different aspects of the Roman presence in the Iberian Peninsula, such as the language and laws of Rome, Roman technologies for public works, and the creation of an urban society, reflected most notably in the forum. Meanwhile, everyday objects used inside and outside the home offer an insight into the daily lives of Hispano-Roman men and women.

Mosaico de Hércules, detalle Hispano-Roman