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Seal matrix and press of the Council of Cuéllar

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Bronze and ironSalto de línea Cuéllar (Segovia)Salto de línea Circa 1284-1308Salto de línea

Seals guaranteed the authenticity of a document and its signature. They were produced with matrices, which were usually destroyed after the owner’s death to prevent fraudulent use. These large double matrices produced lead pendant seals and are characteristic of the Castilian councils of the late 13th and 14th centuries. The public could pay a fee to use them and legalise their own documents. As they were so large, a press had to be used to apply the necessary pressure.


In this section of the catalogue you can learn about the coins that have existed through the ages, from the first pieces struck circa 600 BC to the ones used in the Late Modern Era. These objects are important testimonies of their day, providing information about the economy, politics, ideology and religious beliefs of the societies and cultures that issued them.