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Natural History and Ethnography Exhibition

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This exhibition was just one of the many events organised to celebrate the fourth centennial of the discovery of America and the figure of Christopher Columbus. It was held at the Palace of the National Library and Museums in May and June 1893. The various documentary resources and photographs taken on that occasion, now held at the National Archaeological Museum, have been studied and the results of that work are now available to all interested parties on this website.

E-publication (Download Link externo). Divided into two sections:

  • Contextualisation Link externo of the exhibition and photographs from various points of view: historical, disciplinary, architectural, museographic, communicative and technical.
  • Museums and institutions Link externo now in possession of the pieces that participated in the exhibition.

Catalogues Link externo. With links to historical and contemporary documentation on this exhibition: the original catalogue, period press coverage of the exhibition and links to current information on original photographs and the pieces and documents featured in the show, organised by exhibition room.