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The 1892 History Exhibitions

Exposiciones Históricas de 1892 Pulse para ampliar

This term refers to the American History Exhibition and the European History Exhibition, which were later combined in the Natural History and Ethnography Exhibition. These shows were among the main events organised to celebrate the fourth centennial of the discovery of America and the figure of Christopher Columbus. They were held at the Palace of the National Library and Museums from 30 October 1892 to 30 June 1893. The various documentary resources and photographs of those exhibitions, now held at the National Archaeological Museum and other institutions, have been studied and the results of that research are now available to all interested parties on this website. The information has been divided between two different pages to make it easier for researchers to find what they need:

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Collective catalogue. A virtual recreation of the History Exhibitions based on original photographs, organised according to the galleries they show or in which the photographed items were displayed [interactive floor plans]:

Mezzanine floor PDF

First floor PDF

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