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On the train journey to Italy, the travellers stopped in Saragossa, from where the 11 postcards presented here come, and in Tarragona, from where there are no postcards, though the journal contains references to the places they visited and photographs by the author.

In Saragossa, the postcards include general views of the city and of the original appearance of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar before two new towers were added in 1961, arches and capitals of the Fine Arts Museum, and the Aljafería.Salto de línea According to the journal, some of the postcards were from the typesetter’s and printer’s Cecilio Gasca, bought in the bookshop La Educación in Zaragoza. Others are the work of Heliotipia Artística Española (H.A.E.) and the rest by the famous photographer Loty (Charles López Alberty).