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The thirty-six postcards of Pompeii were bought on two occasions during the trip, because according to the journal, then made two visits to the city: one from Naples and the other on their way back from Sicily.

The journal’s description of their visits, the photographs and postcards are interesting documents showing the appearance of the city in a different state to now and the beginning of what were called the “Scavi Nuovi”, carried out on the orders of Maiuri between 1926 and 1963.

Many of the postcards were subsequently mounted in pairs on a backing and labelled by Emilio Camps. The views of different houses, the theatre, forum, necropolis, streets and the paintings of the Villa dei Misteri, among others, are products of the publishers SEDA, D. Trampetti and C. Cotini.

 Via dell´Abbondanza en 1930, Pompeya Via dell´Abbondanza en 1930, Pompeya