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Emilio Camps’ special interest in mosaics and capitals is evident throughout the postcard collection, and is especially obvious in the group of thirty-two postcards of Ravenna. Many of them are of the spectacular Byzantine mosaics in the basilicas of San Vitale, Sant' Apollinare Nuovo and Sant' Apollinare in Classe. Other postcards are of the cathedral and baptistery, the mausoleums of Galla Placidia and Theodoric, Dante’s tomb and the so-called Palace of Theodoric.

Many of the postcards are from the author’s photographs and are mounted on a backing in pairs. The commercial postcards, a couple of which are, exceptionally, in colour, are by the publishers SEDA and local Ravenna firms: Agenzia Eccles D.A. de Stefani, Edoardo Salbaroli and Taranto.

Mosaicos de San Apolinar Nuevo en Rávena Mosaicos de San Apolinar Nuevo en Rávena