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Andalusian coin collection

Andalusian coin collection

The National Archaeological Museum’s Numismatics Department’s collection of coins minted in al-Andalus (a geopolitical concept encompassing the North African and Iberian Peninsular territory under Moslem control) is one of its most important, because the different Andalusian kingdoms minted gold, silver and bronze coins of great archaeological and numismatic interest for nearly eight centuries.

The museum’s collection of Andalusia in coins comes to nearly 17,000 pieces, taking in issues from the time of the conquest until the last, Nasrid kingdom of Granada.Salto de línea This online project is intended to highlight the importance of this collection, with the aim of encouraging knowledge of and research into the field of mediaeval Islamic coins.

The National Archaeological Museum began this series with the results of the first phase, in which a total of 502 pieces belonging to the exceptional collection of Spanish Muslim coins that Antonio Vives and Escudero sold the National Archaeological Museum in 1895 were computerised and digitised.

This inventory will be enriched in the future with the successive addition of further material until the whole collection has been placed online.

Dirham emiral, ceca de al-Andalus Dirham emiral, ceca de al-Andalus