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Hispanic coins from the Classical Period: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum for Spain

The National Archaeological Museum holds the most important collection of Hispanic coins in the world, comprising nearly 16,000 examples of all the series minted in the Iberian Peninsula in classical times. These include coins with legends in Greek, Phoenician-Punic, indigenous and Latin scripts, as well as Hispano-Roman and provincial numismatic issues.

From the foundation of the first mints in the 5th century BCE until their disappearance in the 1st century CE, by which point Hispania was fully a part of Roman Empire, coins have provided essential archaeological witnesses to the enormous cultural and political complexity of the Iberian Peninsula in antiquity.

The catalogue, part of the international Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum (SNG) series, is made up of online references complemented by downloadable documents, organised by cultural series and issuing mints, to facilitate full access to the information. These documents are taken from the printed catalogues published to date, to which an addendum is added with the new additions.

This work is constantly growing; new contributions are added as the collections are digitised, catalogues are updated and pieces are added through purchases and donations.