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Documentation on Los Millares

In addition to Pedro Flores's field journals on the excavation of the burials (in a separate documentary series), the bulk of the documentation on Los Millares consists of Siret's unpublished dossier "Los Millares", divided into several sections.

In "Millares. Plans de forts, maisons, etc..." he included general plans and others identifying the structures, sketches of the forts and the water conduit.

"Llano de los Millares. Croquis, brouillons des plans”, contains maps of the graves, notes and drawings that show the line of the defensive wall, indicate distances between structures and, possibly, the angle of visibility of the forts.

In "Millares. Plans de sépultures” we find drawings, elevations and sketches of several graves, sometimes with measurements or drawings of the objects they contained. This section is complemented by “Millares. Plans de Pedro”, in which Siret included drawings of the graves with their measurements and descriptions of the human remains and grave goods made by Flores.

This dossier consists of a plate album of maps, houses, forts, cross-sections, stratigraphies and drawings of both the graves and the artefacts, the vast majority accompanied by notes on their composition, decoration and number.