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This documentary series includes photographs that entered the museum with Louis Siret's archive and others taken after his death that are somehow related to his documents. The condition of these photographs varies widely, and the information on some prints has disappeared completely.

Siret's photographs

The photographic materials that arrived with Louis Siret's archive are glass plates, negatives and positives. Some have information on the back, with notes indicating where the photo was taken or where the pictured objects were found, the name of a related person or the institution in which the piece was housed when it was photographed.Salto de línea They are generally pictures of artefacts found by the Siret brothers or places where they excavated, but there is also photographic material for their publications, of pieces that interested them, on their work as mining engineers and related to tributes, congresses and other scientific events in which they participated.

Post-Siret photographs

The slides and positives in colour and black-and-white from after Louis Siret's death are largely photographs from the documentation of the Siret Archive and landscapes and group portraits of visitors to the sites excavated by the Siret brothers.

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