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Texts and credits

These texts are a complement to the detailed information offered by the cataloguing of the Siret Archive.

First, there is a report on the work carried out in the museum between 2006 and 2014, explaining each stage of the project as well as having appendices with information about the document collection. Then there is an article on Louis Siret as archaeologist, scientist and scholar of the Iberian Peninsular south-east.

This is rounded off by biographies of the Siret brothers and Pedro Flores and a short list of institutions which also have collections related with Louis and Henri Siret.

The project is to catalogue and digitise the Louis Siret document collection has been carried out by the Archive Section of the National Archaeological Museum’s Documentation Department:

  • Virginia Salve Quejido
  • Aurora Ladero Galán
  • Concha Papí Rodes
  • Mónica Martín Díaz
  • María del Carmen de Miguel Moro