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City Views and Landscapes

Vista de Tozeur y su entorno Pulse para ampliar

This group of forty-nine photographs illustrates the diversity of Tunisia's landscapes, from panoramic views of coastal towns like Tabarca and Susa to typical scenes of palm groves at the oases of Neft and Tozeur, in the south, or waterfalls on the rivers Zarga and Boull.

As this section includes landscapes and panoramic cityscapes, we also find views of religious and defensive structures, as well as curious street and market scenes with animals, carts, stalls and people wearing typical garments that tell us a great deal about daily life in Tunisia in the latter half of the 19th century.

The majority of these images were shown at the 1892 Exhibition in the third frame, devoted to "Oases and forests", of the third series, "Arab monuments and dwellings".