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Defensive architecture

Medieval and Modern Monuments

Important defensive networks were created across the country during Charles V's Tunisian campaign and the events surrounding the conquest of Tunis in 1535.

These events are the subject of three photographs of 16th-century prints, while the rest of the thirty-one images picture the numerous fortifications and towers from different periods in coastal towns, including several on the island of Djerba, the Genoan fort of Tabarca and the ruins of the Fatimid fort of Mahdia.

Other photos show the powerful walls that once encircled the medinas and ribats of cities like Susa, Kairouan, Monastir and Sfax.Salto de línea These photographic records were displayed in Gallery III at the 1892

Exhibition: the first three in frame twenty and the rest in frame three, entitled "Coastal towns", both pertaining to the third series, "Arab monuments and dwellings".