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Religious architecture

Medieval and Modern Monuments

Logically, the majority of the fifty-four photographs in this section are views of mosques and different types of minarets, which combined Ottoman and Hispano-Islamic traditions after numerous Moriscos fled to Tunisia following their expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula in the 17th century.

In addition to a large number of photos featuring the Great Mosque of Kairouan, this group shows many other mosques of Tunis (Al-Zaytuna, Sidi-Mahrez) and the minarets of Yousof-Dey and Hammuda-Bey.Salto de línea There is also a place for the whitewashed mosques and minarets of the island of Djerba, some of which have a military air, and the mudbrick temples of southern Tunisia.

Another large group contains evocative views of qubbas or marabouts, burial monuments of Islamic saints, with their harmonious domes typical of Tunisian funerary architecture.

These were shown in Gallery III at the European History Exhibition, in the second frame, "Mosques and minarets", of the third series devoted to "Arab monuments and dwellings".