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Roman period

Archaeological Monuments and RuinsSalto de línea

The rich monuments and large number of cities from Roman times in Tunisia explains why this is the largest group of photographs.

One hundred and sixty-three images, exhibited in different frames at the European History Exhibition, show objects, sculptures, mosaics and galleries at the Bardo National Museum, as well as ancient baths, cisterns, aqueducts, temples, massive gates and arches, city walls, necropolises and mausoleums.

Photographs of cities like Aphrodisium, Beja, Bouftis, Bulla Regia, Colonia Thuburnica, Cillium, Dougga, Feriana, Mactaris, Simitthus, Sufetula, Thysdrus and Thuburbo Majus testify to the splendour of the Roman province of Africa and the condition of these monuments in the latter half of the 19th century, some of which were reused as houses, stables or granaries by local residents.