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Greek Vases in 3D

The MAN collection of Greek vases represents the full range of Greek pottery production over the most brilliant centuries of its history. We have selected the thirty best pieces from the collection to present in 3D images; thirty vases of exceptional quality, showing the variety of periods, forms, functions, styles and iconography in our collection.

Their forms and images, created by some of the best painters of ancient Greece and Magna Graecia, presented in virtual reality and in three dimensions, enable us to give a wide-ranging overview of the wealth of documentation these pieces represent, and allow online users full access to the objects and their historical and cultural content.

The goal of the digitisation project is to provide an extremely useful tool for the general public and for researchers, who can examine in minute detail all the material, formal, and decorative elements of the selected vases.

The three-dimensional models will contribute to improving the documentation on the pieces and facilitate their study without invasive procedures. Users can see, move, and touch the pieces, interact with them, and personalise their experience of this cultural heritage.