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Cigarralejo Horse

Caballito tras la restauración Pulse para ampliar

Iron Age. Iberian culture. End of the 4th – 3rd century B.C. From the El Cigarralejo shrine, Mula, Murcia. Deposited by the El Cigarralejo Museum of Iberian ArtSalto de línea Inventory Nº: DO2011/57/6Salto de línea Material and manufacturing technique: Carved sandstone

State of conservation:

The piece is incomplete, part of the base, back legs and front left hoof being missing. It is broken into three fragments, head, base and part of the legs and there are holes in its surface.Salto de línea It had been restored previously, the treatment consisting of gluing the fragments and volumetric restoration with plaster. The restoration process was not finished before the piece reaching the MAN, and some plaster stains had been left. It has a label on its base.


When the MAN received the sculpture, it was subjected to treatment by the Department of Conservation, like the other pieces of this group which are now exhibited in the rooms dedicated to the Iberian culture. The plaster stains have been cleaned and its volumetric reintegration has been retouched. Finally, chromatic reintegration has been carried out with acrylic paints.

La escultura antes del tratamiento en el MAN Pulse para ampliar The sculpture before treatment in the MAN
Otra vista de la misma antes de la restauración Pulse para ampliar Another view of the sculpture before restoration
Detalle de la reintegración volúmetrica con escayola Pulse para ampliar Close-up of the volumetric reintegration
Vista de la figura tras la restauración Pulse para ampliar View of the figure after restoration