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Self-led tours

Visitas autónomas


Tel. (0034)915780203 (10 am–12 noon)

visitasgrupos.man@cultura.gob.es (Bookings and cancellations: only via the website link)


Minimum of 8 / maximum of 25 people + the group leader. Every group must have at least one teacher or responsible adult


Admission for groups of schoolchildren and adults is free, subject to presentation of booking confirmation


  • Groups that wish to arrange a visit to the museum from Tuesday to Saturday must book in advance.
  • Group bookings cannot be made on holidays or during general free admission hours.
  • You may book a maximum of three thematic areas. Consult the exhibition floor plan to choose the areas you want to visit Nueva ventana
  • Bookings can be made 3 months in advance of the desired date.
  • On the day of your visit, the group leader must check in at the Groups Desk at least 10 minutes in advance to complete the accreditation and admission process.
  • Once the group’s credentials have been verified, the museum staff may request that your group limit itself to the booked itinerary.
  • Please remember that Madrid City Council does not allow parking in the bus lane in front of the museum. Sightseeing buses have a clearly marked stop in Plaza de Colón (on the side of Calle Goya).
  • We ask that schoolchildren not bring backpacks/rucksacks to the museum on the day of their visit.