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La dieta mediterránea: comer, beber y compartir

Visita-taller relacionada con la exposición temporal CONVIVIUM. Arqueología de la Dieta Mediterránea (30 de abril de 2024-1 de septiembre de 2024). + Información sobre la exposición Nueva ventana

Dirigido a alumno/as de 5º y 6º de Educación Primaria y ESO

The museum offers activities to make group visits a fun, participatory experience for pupils. Each workshop-tour includes a walk through the galleries, where participants will examine artefacts related to a specific theme, and a practical, experimental workshop involving manual or computer activities.


Hora: 10:00 a 12:00

Miércoles, 8 de mayoSalto de línea Viernes, 17 de mayoSalto de línea Martes, 21 de mayo

Jueves, 23 de mayoSalto de línea Miércoles, 29 de mayoSalto de línea Viernes, 31 de mayo

Martes, 4 de junioSalto de línea Jueves, 6 de junio

Reserva disponible desde el 1 de abril


Tel. (0034) 915780203 / 915777912 ext. 273581 (10 am–2 pm)

Bookings and cancellations: only via the link in the “Workshop booking” section of this website.

Register with the booking app to view or cancel your booking

  • Pre-primary: Minimum 15 / maximum 30+ two group leaders
  • Primary, lower and upper secondary: Minimum 15 / maximum 30 + two group leaders

If a group has more than 20 pupils, 2 adult chaperones will be required.

Our guides will not attend groups whose school level does not match that of the offered workshop, even with a booking

At the museum

On the day of your visit, the group leader must check in at the Groups Desk at least 10 minutes in advance to complete the accreditation process. The tour will begin at the MEETING POINT

The start time of a workshop-tour may be delayed by 15-20 minutes at most, if the museum is notified and there is just cause for the delay. After that point, the activity will be cancelled to avoid organisational and capacity problems. In any event, the workshop-tour will end at the time indicated on the website.

Please remember that Madrid City Council does not allow parking in the bus lane in front of the museum. Sightseeing buses have a clearly marked stop in Plaza de Colón (on the Calle Goya side).

We ask that schoolchildren not bring backpacks/rucksacks to the museum on the day of their visit.


If there are people with special needs in your group, please write to us at opens in a new window] and attach your booking so that we can adjust the activity accordingly. More information on accessibility at the museum Nueva ventana