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Permanent Visitor Studies Laboratory

Permanent Visitor Studies Laboratory

Recogida de datos Pulse para ampliar
  • Timeframe: Since 2008
  • Lead researchers: Carmen Sanz Díaz y Mª Jesús Rubio Visiers (anterior mente: Ángela García Blanco y Adoración Fernández Tapia)

This project, launched in 2008 by the Deputy Directorate-General of State Museums (SGME), involves all Spanish museums under this department’s authority, including the National Archaeological Museum. Its primary goal is to gather information from visitors about their educational, cultural and recreational needs in order to take them into account when planning and programming museum activities.

Since 2010, the Laboratory has published the data collected at museums and the studies and conclusions based on that information.Salto de línea

The survey conducted at this museum provides information which is essential for planning activities that will establish a base of regular, repeat visitors and offer a cultural experience that lives up to our visitors’ expectations and makes them feel welcome, well-oriented and satisfied, meets their demands for information and helps them to find answers to their questions.Salto de línea Salto de línea

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