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Biblioteca del Museo Arqueológico Nacional

  • Timeframe: 2021–2023
  • Funding institution: State R&D+i Programme to Address Society’s Challenges: “Research Challenges” category, 2020 call
  • Lead researcher: Rosario Arquero Avilés
  • MAN researcher: Silvia Cobo Serrano (library)
  • Project team:

Teaching and research personnel from a variety of universities in Spain (Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Dr Arquero-Avilés, Dr Cadilla-Baz, Dr Granda-Rossi; Universidad de Zaragoza: Dr Agustín-Lacruz, Dr Marco-Cuenca, Dr Salvador-Oliván and Dr Siso-Calvo; Universidad de Extremadura: Dr Muñoz-Cañavate, Dr Herrera-Morillas, Dr Tena Mateos) and abroad (Sapienza Università di Roma: Dr Castellucci, Dr Crupi and Dr Faggiolani)

Professionals employed by public-sector institutions: Dr Silvia Cobo-Serrano (Library of the Museo Arqueológico Nacional), Laura Guindal-Martínez (Library Projects Area, Spanish Ministry of Culture) and Almudena Cruz-Yábar (Directorate-General of Democratic Memory, Spanish Ministry of the Presidency, Parliamentary Relations and Democratic Memory)