Charles III. The External Image and Scientific Impact of an Enlightened Reign

16 December 2016 - 26 Mars 2017

Organised by: Acción Cultural Española y Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Curator: Miguel Luque TalavánSalto de línea

The MAN presents a new temporary exhibition which re-examines Charles III, the central figure in one of the great reigns of Spanish history. As the 300th anniversary of his birth is commemorated, this exhibition contributes to a reassessment of fundamental aspects of his rule: Spain’s foreign policy, and the contributions of Spanish science and culture; and the role of the Crown in fostering knowledge.

Roman Lusitania. The origin of two cultures

1st July–16th October

Organised by: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E),Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Direçao-Geral do Patrimonio Cultural (Portugal), Junta de Extremadura, Museo Nacional de Arte Romano. Mérida, Museu Nacional de Arqueología. Lisboa, Museo Arqueológico Nacional. Madrid.

The National Archeological Museum discovers, for first time in Madrid, the history of Lusitania; the Roman Province created 2000 years ago at the ‘finis terrarum’, the territory today occupied by Portugal, Estremadura and the western part of Andalusia.

At the Confines of the Near East: The Modern Discovery of the Land of Magan

19 April - 29 May

Organised by: Emirato de Sharjah, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y Museo Arqueológico Nacional

The National Archaeological Museum presents to Spanish audiences the results of two decades of archaeological research in the Near East, which have brought the history of the ancient land of Magan to light for the first time.

Fina Miralles: Natural Natures 1973–2016

17 February-27 March

Organised by: Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte y ARCOmadrid

Celebrating 35 years of ARCOmadrid, the National Archaeological Museum (MAN) opens its doors to contemporary art and welcomes the work Naturaleses naturals [Natural Natures], an installation by the artist Fina Miralles that was first presented at Sala Vinçon in Barcelona in 1973.